This system is being decommissioned. We are no longer accepting new referrals. Please contact your local centre direct to make a referral.

Welcome ! Are you looking to be referred to one of our Child Contact Centres for supported contact? Please contact your local centre direct to make a referral.

As it is important for children to maintain a loving relationship with both parents, the child's physical and emotional well being and safety should always come first.

Before going any further with this referral, you should think about the questions that follow:
Do you believe you or your child/ children have experienced or are at risk of experiencing harm from any of the following list - by any person who has had, or may in the future have any contact with the child?
  • Any form of domestic abuse or violence
  • Any actual or attempted child abduction
  • Any child abuse
  • The abuse of drugs, alcohol or substance misuse
  • Any other safety or welfare concerns

If you are answering yes to any of these questions or are not sure what they might mean, or what your answer is, you should seek help. Click here to find some links here which may be of help to you.
If you are sure your answer to these questions is no, then you should be able to work together as parents in the interest of your child.